Friday 7 August 2009

Financial Times considers pay-per-article plan

The Independent claims today that the Financial Times is in talks to introduce a "pay-per-article" system inspired by the Apple iTunes model.
Media editor Ian Burrell writes: "Senior sources at the FT have confirmed that the group is in discussions with a number of payment processor companies to establish a simple "one -lick" procedure that would enable consumers to pay a small fee for single articles that would otherwise be available only to subscribers.
"FT executives, who hope to have the system in place by 2010, have not settled on the price for an individual story, but say that they have been impressed by the "fabulous buying experience" of iTunes, which allows users to buy a single song for 79p."
It follows the announcement yesterday by Rupert Murdoch that charges are to be introduced for all his newspapers' news websites.

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