Friday, 5 March 2010

Play based on police harassment of photographers up for Westminster Prize

A play by former Press Gazette broadcasting correspondent Martin McNamara, one of three shortlisted for this year's Westminster Prize, is about the way police have used terrorism legislation to harass photographers innocently taking pictures around London.
Martin describes his play, Hostile Reconnaissance, as "a sort of absurd black comedy about a student painter who ends up being detained and questioned by the police because he was painting a London building."
There was a story in the Guardian in December about a painter who was stopped twice by police near City airport.
He adds: "The good news is my first ever stage play gets performed one time only next week. The really good news is that it is only ten minutes long."
Hostile Reconnaissance and the plays of the other two contenders for the Westminster Prize will be performed at the Soho Theatre at 5pm on 10 March, when the winner will be announced.
You can book tickets, which cost just £5, here.
Picture of protest by photographers in Trafalgar Square (Jon Slattery).

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