Friday, 26 March 2010

Bloggers coming up for The Orwell Prize

There are 14 bloggers longlisted for this year's Orwell Prize. Following last year’s Blog Prize victory for secret policeman NightJack, who was subsequently "outed" by The Times as detective Richard Horton, two pseudonymous public servants have been longlisted for this year’s Prize – policewoman, PC Ellie Bloggs and social worker, Winston Smith.
Mainstream journalists nominated include the Guardian’s David Smith, the FT’s Gideon Rachman and Sky News’  Tim Marshall. The 14 are:

David Osler: Dave's Part (

David Smith: Letter from Africa (

Gideon Rachman: rachmanblog (

Hopi Sen: (

Iain Dal: Iain Dale's Diary (

Jack of Kent (

Laurie Penny: Penny Red and others (

Madam Miaow: Madam Miaow Says (

Mary Beard: A Don’s Life (

Morus; Daily Kos (;

PC Ellie Bloggs: A Twenty-First Century Police Officer (

ray: The Bad Old Days Will End (

Tim Marshall: Foreign Matters (

Winston Smith: Working with the Underclass (

  • The longlist will be reduced to a shortlist of six, announced at Thomson Reuters, Canary Wharf, on Thursday 15th April at 7pm. The announcement will be followed by a debate entitled ‘have the political classes been fatally weakened?’ This year’s winners in all the Orwell Prize categories will be announced at a ceremony at Church House, Westminster on 19th May.

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