Friday, 12 March 2010

Blogpaper combines print and internet

I was handed a copy of theblogpaper outside Oxford Street tube station today. It is an interesting concept which combines a blog with print and describes its content as "crowdsourced news".
The community following the blog rate the content and the most popular articles and pictures get published in the print edition.
The website says: " is a news community which allows anyone to publish written and visual work online and in print. . . Members of theblogpaper write, rate and discuss content and therefore “make the news”. The main concept of theblogpaper is that many people are in control of what others are going to receive. Instead of a few people controlling the majority of what is being published and therefore read, theblogpaper aims to put the majority in charge."
It is a good read and the kind of innovation badly needed at a time when the traditional print media is suffering so badly (Look at today's circulation figures for the national press ).

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