Tuesday 8 March 2011

Well I never... more great Daily Telegraph letters

I wrote yesterday about the wonderful correspondence on the letters' page of the Daily Telegraph in which readers told of things they had never done, which involved avoiding trendy fads like wearing jeans, boxer shorts or drinking latte coffees or eating takeaway meals.

It was sparked off by this letter on Friday:

SIR – At 82, am I your youngest male reader never to have worn a pair of jeans?

Anthony Greenstreet
Camberley, Surrey

Now Telegraph readers have extended the list of things they have never done in the letters' page today.

SIR – As a founding member of the Ross-shire branch of the Never Club, not only have I never worn jeans, but nor have I ever worn a short-sleeved shirt, used a washing machine or tasted anything from McDonalds.

Mervyn Lee
Dingwall, Ross-shire

SIR – I am 43 years of age, and have never been in a Tesco store.

Neil Parsons
Laceby, Lincolnshire

SIR – I have never worn a three-piece suit, or socks with sandals, and I do not own a vest, but I do wear jeans and play squash.

And isn’t it rather vulgar to quote one’s age in a letter to the editor?

John Rudkin
Little Eversden, Cambridgeshire

SIR – I have never worn jeans (even as a teenager, my bottom was too big for such things) nor a three-piece suit.

For good measure, I do not have a passport or driving licence, and I last flew in 1961.

Weird? Apparently. Unhappy? Not really.

Rob Brooke
Knowle, Warwickshire

But, corduroy is OK.

SIR – James Hewitt (Letters, March 5) advocates jeans rather than corduroys because they are easily washable. But corduroy, as it is made from cotton, may be washed safely at a medium temperature.

Indeed, this will enhance its appearance, giving it that softer, aged appearance so keenly sought by the more chic men’s outfitters.

David Salter
Kew, Surrey

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