Monday 14 March 2011

Panorama to expose the 'dark arts' of journalists

Panorama says it will tonight expose the full extent of the "dark arts" employed by journalists across the industry to get their story, in a programme called: Tabloid Hacks Exposed.

It says the programme, broadcast on BBC 1 at 8:30 reveals a dishonourable history of law breaking that went beyond phone hacking and questions the police inaction that let it continue.

Panorama claims a senior News of the World executive obtained e-mails hacked into by a private detective. it says Irish edition editor Alex Marunchak was sent ex-British intelligence officer Ian Hurst's private e-mails in 2006. Marunchak denied Panorama's allegations.

The News of the World has told Panorama: "To date, Panorama has provided us with no evidence of wrong doing in relation to the private detectives featured in your programme. Moreover, the Crown Prosecution Service found no evidence that the reporters involved were aware those sources were acquiring material by corrupt means.

"Unlike some of our critics, the News of the World secures proof of wrongdoing before making serious allegations. As demonstrated by recent events, we will not tolerate misconduct by staff and will act decisively when presented with new evidence."

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