Saturday 5 March 2011

No jeans please, we're Daily Telegraph readers

There's a wonderful correspondence taking place in the Daily Telegraph's letters' page in which readers compete with each other to show they haven't been seduced by such modern fads as, er, wearing jeans.

It was kicked off by this letter on Friday:

SIR – At 82, am I your youngest male reader never to have worn a pair of jeans?
Anthony Greenstreet
Camberley, Surrey

On Saturday, other readers responded:

SIR - Of course Anthony Greenstreet (Letters, March 4) is not at 82, the youngest reader never to have worn a pair of jeans.
I am 78, have never worn a pair of jeans or bought a takeaway meal.
John Calladine
Kingston St Michael, Wiltshire

SIR - I, too have never worn jeans.
Neither have I worn boxer shorts or had a latte coffee.

SIR – I wear jeans because they can be slung in the washing machine each week. Heavy grey flannels, tweed trousers and corduroys, as are worn by the older gentry, have to be dry-cleaned, and that costs a fortune.
James Hewitt

Lowdham, Nottingham

SIR – I will shortly be 86 years of age, and I am seriously thinking of purchasing my first pair of jeans. I am hoping that when I wear them, my poor status in the village will be elevated.
Noreen Evans
West Coker, Somerset

SIR - At the age of 62, I am probably your oldest male reader who has never worn a three-piece suit.
Joseph B. Fox
Redhill, Surrey

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