Wednesday 9 March 2011

Gaddafi, Galliano and Sheen grab the headlines

Libya's Colonel Gaddafi fighting to hold on to power, the sacking of fashion designer John Galliano and the eccentric behaviour of actor Charlie Sheen dominated the UK press in the week ending 6 March, according to journalisted.

Gaddafi, father and son, generated 894 articles; Galliano, fired by Christian Dior for anti-semitic comments, 157 articles; Charlie Sheen, publicly insulting his employers, joining Twitter, and discussing his sex life, marital and drug problems with the media, 136 articles; the London School of Economics , criticised for finanicial ties with Gaddafi, leading to their director's resignation, 101 articles

Covered little, according to journalisted was the death of Frank Buckles at 110, the last US WW1 veteran, 13 articles; two former Argentine dictators in court, charged with kidnapping babies from political opponents between 1976-1983, 4 articles; President Karzai rejecting Nato's apology for killing Afghan children in an airstrike, 4 articles; 53 African Union peacekeepers killed by Islamist militants in Somalia, 3 articles.

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