Friday 4 March 2011

AA Gill: Wanted for crimes against Norfolk

He's offended the Welsh, Clare Balding and animal lovers by shooting a baboon. Now the Sunday Times' critic AA Gill is "Wanted for crimes against Norfolk."

The Eastern Daily Press is running a Gill "Wanted" poster on its website and a video in which the Norfolk public hit back at the man who described their county in a restaurant review at the weekend as "the hernia on the end of England".

Gill also claimed:

• “If Norfolk didn’t exist, we would have to make it up, and then regret it”

• Norfolk is a “backward place to allocate dark lusts, incest and idiocy”

• “A poverty-bitten place, keeping up its stained trousers with baler twine”

The story has attracted angry postings, such as: "Bloody Townies. He obviously couldn't cope without white lines in the road, and street lights. I bet he couldn't tell the difference between a Kestrel and a Harnser (Heron) either. By his comments it sounds as though he can't tell the difference between NORFOLK and THE FENS either."

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