Friday 4 March 2011

Sun goes bonkers over bonking banker ban

The Sun continues its outrage today about being banned by a judge from reporting the details of an affair by a senior executive at a bailed-out British bank with a colleague.

It claims the judge who granted a privacy gag has attacked the kind of freedom of speech that people are fighting and dying for in Libya.

In an op-ed piece, associate editor Trevor Kavanagh tells readers: "You would be furious to know why we were gagged - not because of the evidence, but because the courts did not not want you, Sun readers to see it.

"Mr. Justice Henriques swiftly swept this affair under the carpet."

Kavanagh fumes: "By censoring what is a legitimate story in the public interest, the judge himself stands in contempt of Britain's globally revered free press.

"Freedom of speech - along with a free press - is the last defence of a free people. It is what the people of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya are fighting and dying for today."

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