Friday 11 March 2011

Sun splash shreds Sir Fred's super-injunction

The Sun's splash today shows the way the super-injunction granted to the former boss of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sir Fred Goodwin, has been torpedoed by an MP using parliamentary privilege and failed to keep his name out of the press.

Lib Dem MP John Hemming asked in the House of Commons yesterday: "In a secret hearing, Fred Goodwin has obtained a super-injunction preventing him from being identified as a banker."

He then asked: "Will the Government have a debate or a statement on the issue of freedom of speech and whether there is one law for the rich, such as Fred Goodwin, and another law for the poor?"

The MP's question raised speculation about the nature of the information which Sir Fred is trying to protect, but the media is prevented from disclosing any details under the terms of the injunction.

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Licentious Poet said...

There once was a merchant banker
Who caused a bit of a rancour
His friend called him Fred
And his nickname was Shred
But we think he's a bit of w****r.