Tuesday 14 December 2010

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange dominate the news

WikiLeaks and the arrest of its founder Julian Assange dominated the UK's news agenda in the week ending Sunday, December 12 , according to journalisted. They continue to dominate the news today with massive coverage of Assange's bail hearing at Westminster Magistartes' Court.

WikiLeaks, with Assange arrested in London, and hacking of sites that withdrew services from the whistleblowing website, generated 631 articles in the British press; the vote on tuition fees, with protests giving way to violence and injuries in and around Parliament Square, 615 articles; X Factor, with the final broadcast on Sunday, 352 articles.

Covered little, says journalisted, were that 21 Oxbridge colleges admitted no black students last year, following MP David Lammy's FOI request, 10 articles; Sarah Palin visiting refugee camps in Haiti, a move said to bolster her foreign policy credentials, 5 articles; British high street stores named by a recent anti-poverty investigation into sweatshop conditions in India, 1 article.

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