Wednesday 22 December 2010

Indy front page sums up Vince Cable's humiliation

The Independent's front page today sums up the humiliation of Business Secretary Vince Cable, stripped of his media responsibilities after his comment that he had "declared war on Rupert Murdoch" to undercover Telegraph reporters.

Cable is described as the new "None of Your Business Secretary" in the Murdoch-owned Sun today. The paper suggests in a leader that after his planned appearance on TV's Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special on Saturday "it'll be time for the Business Secretary to Foxtrot Oscar".

In a leader, the Guardian says: "Unkind though it is to remind him of his own cruel witticism aimed at Gordon Brown when he was at his weakest, there is now more than something of Mr Bean about Dr Cable."

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Anonymous said...

Surely the biggest loser is the Telegraph, which has managed to destroy its key ally in the fight against the Murdoch takeover with the result that the decision is now in the hands of the extremely right-wing Jeremy C***.