Wednesday 22 December 2010

Most covered 2010: It's the World Cup wot won it

Forget elections, disasters, wars and even X Factor...the most covered news event of 2010 was the football World Cup, according to journalisted.

It says the World Cup, which was spread across most front pages and back pages throughout June 2010, generated 22,413 articles.

This compares to the May General Election, that led to the formation of the Conservative - Liberal Democrat coalition government, 18,087 articles; spending cuts, of which many were introduced by the incoming Coalition government, 11,152 articles; X Factor, both a television and a news phenomenon, 9,740 articles; the BP Gulf oil spill, which remained headline news for almost 3 months, 4,471 articles; WikiLeaks was the subject of 2,859 articles; the volcanic ash cloud that hung over Europe and grounded all flights, 2,372 ; the 33 Chilean Miners whose incarceration and rescue captivated the world media, 944 articles.

Journalisted has also produced a list of the most prolific journalists of 2010, and the number of articles they produced. Step forward:


Anonymous said...

What did MailOnline's Sarah Bull come in at? I always thought she was the most productive member of the showbiz team.

Penny said...
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Penny said...

I am always very impressed by the work of Daily Mail Reporter, very prolific.

Anonymous said...

Prolific would be one description.

James Cuff said...

Been really impressed with Hannah Waldram's output this year. She's covered my old 'hood, Cardiff, with knowledge, passion and a dedication that is highly commendable. Very pleased that she is being recognised and rewarded.