Thursday 2 December 2010

Don't let Julie Burchill raise your blood pressure

From today's Independent letters' page about the paper's columnist Julie Burchill.

Don't let Julie get to you

The point about Julie Burchill (letters, 29 November) is that she is paid to be outrageous. She is like the child at the vicar's tea party who shouts "Knickers!" to enjoy the shocked reaction. Read it for amusement, and don't expect intelligent content; that way you won't suffer raised blood pressure.

John Richards

St Ives, Cornwall

1 comment: said...

Dear Sir,

The two main problems with Julie Birchall's columns are: a. it should be in the Daily Express or Daily Star: and, b. most of what she says is only recycled gossip from The Ivy and Grouchos.

As soon as I see her drivel, I always turn over the page.


Chris Youett.