Thursday 9 December 2010

Anyone can make a Hunt of themselves...

Tom Welsh, who was the first director of journalism at City University, tells me he sympathised with James Naughtie and Andrew Marr over their slip in referring to Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

He says: "I had the same problem over That Word. Back in 1976 Lord Hunt was helping to prepare a report for the Royal Commission on the Press, and he visited City to learn about the university's first journalism course.

"The Vice Chancellor made his private dining room available, and we had an acceptable meal with some excellent wine. I wasn’t in the habit of drinking at lunchtime, but couldn’t waste the university’s best plonk, could I?

"Everything went splendidly well. At the end of the meal I got to my feet and firmly announced, 'Shall I get Lord Cunt's hoat?' I’m not sure whether m’lud actually heard the words, but I shall never forget the expression on the face of the Home Office mandarin accompanying him."

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