Tuesday 14 December 2010

Post of the day on Daily Mail X Factor sleaze row

Amusing post on MailOnline over the Daily Mail and columnist Jan Moir getting into a lather about sex crazed nymphs on X Factor.

Driss posts: "You can only laugh at the hypocrisy of the Daily Mail moaning about sex-crazed nymphs flashing their cleavage before the watershed. A quick glance at the homepage of the DM website shows the following photos:

-- Anna Friel in low-cut red dress
-- Cher (the elder) and Cheryl in 'lingerie-style dress
-- Liz Hurley in low-cut dress (and mention of her unsexy husband)
-- Jordan and her ample cleavage
-- Yulia Voronin in a bikini
-- Jade Ewen in a bikini

Yet the DM displays the most appalling hypocrisy. Either a woman's not slim enough, or if she is slim then she's a slut, or else badly dressed; yet woe betide the woman who's not a size zero. Among the stories currently on the DM homepage: Is this ballerina too fat to play the Sugar Plum Fairy?



Anonymous said...

I thought the funniest X-Factor related Mail story of the day was the one about "Is the nation getting fed up of Cheryl Cole?" A perfect example of how the media build you up to knock you down.

Press Not Sorry said...

When it originally complained about X-Factor 'sleaze', The Fail helpfully illustrated the story with 13 photos and 2 videos: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1337879/X-Factor-2010-final-Viewers-outraged-Christina-Aguilera-Rihannas-racy-performances.html <caution: direct to Mail link

Jan Moir's moan was also illustrated with 13 photos, several of which were of the 'sleazy' bits she didn't like: http://istyosty.com/32h <cached link, not direct to Mail

Even the 'Sleaze storm grows' story has 5 pictures, 4 of which are of the allegedly offensive bits: http://istyosty.com/33x

It's like they're saying, "Look at this filth! Be offended! It's immoral!" whilst still providing the jollies for their readers. If this paper was genuine, it wouldn't print any of those pictures.

If only they could be honest about it instead of hiding behind fake moral panic I might have a jot more respect for them. Why not just say, "We know these pictures of attractive, sexy ladies will sell papers. Enjoy, dear readers."