Wednesday 1 December 2010

Tom Hurndall crowdfunding campaign launch

A video of the launch of the crowdfunding campaign by Trolley Books to raise money to publish ‘The Only House Left Standing' - the Middle East journals of the aspiring British photojournalist and peace worker Tom Hurndall can be viewed here.

Hurndall was shot in the head in Gaza by an Israeli soldier in April 2003 and died nine months later in a London hospital, aged 22.

The book would contain Tom Hurndall’s photographs in the weeks running up to his shooting, as well as extracts from his diaries and poems, and contains a preface by the Independent's Robert Fisk.

The video is of a panel that includes:
• Tom’s parents Anthony and Jocelyn Hurndall.
• BBC Panorama journalist John Sweeney.
• Rowan Joffe and Simon Block, the director and screenwriter of Channel 4's documentary The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall.
• Mohammed Qeshta - who was with Tom Hurndall when we was shot and worked for the International Solidarity Movement.
• Gigi Giannuzzi, publisher and founder of Trolley Books.

It is hoped enough funds can be raised in time for the book to be published in April 2011, the eighth anniversary of Tom Hurndall's shooting.

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