Wednesday 1 December 2010

Fight! Piers Morgan versus Rusbridger on Twitter

Piers Morgan has just arrived on Twitter but he's already picked a fight with Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger by boasting about how many followers he's got.

Piers tweets: "@ Dear Alan, I've overtaken your follower count in less than a day. That's got to hurt, right?"

Rusbridger responds: "@ as I've always tried to explain, Piers, it's not about numbers..."

Piers hits back: "@ But you've always explained that from a position of catastrophic numerical loss. So not entirely credible argument."

This is just what Twitter was invented for.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon. Hope you are well.. Small world! I actually tried to bait him last night when he came on-line. Bizarrely using your name!!!!

>>>>>@piersmorgan Piers Morgan
Would love to chat with my fellow twits but got a hot date with @MarthaStewart and Mad Man John Slattery at @adage conference in NYC..

>>>>>@PersonalNetwork Phil O'Brien
@piersmorgan Not Jon Slattery of UKPG fame? Send him my regards - from another novice Twit.

Surprisingly - he didn't rise to the bait of you or UKPG. Maybe Mr Smug was meaning that actor ;-)


Jon Slattery said...

Cheers Phil,

Yes, I think he meant the other John Slattery...but thanks for the mention.


Jon S.