Friday 5 June 2009

Guardian Gordon Brown intro in poor taste?

Got this tweet allegedly from Polly Toynbee today saying: "My sincere apologies for "plane crash" Gordon Brown analogy in Guardian piece yesterday. Utterly crass and insensitive, mea culpa."
The Comment is Free piece is also published on the front page of The Guardian today. It starts: "Another engine breaks away from Gordon Brown's fuselage, and the damage done looks set to bring him crashing out of the sky. Even if he can judder on, the injury done will diminish him further. Which other engines may now break away too? Those who would bring him down say the prime minister is beyond repair. The party faces a terrible choice it can no longer avoid."
Some posters to claim the intro is insensitive given the recent Air France plane crash.
One posted: "Are there no editors working at The Guardian tonight?
This opening line, in light of the Air France tragedy this week, is astounding!
It is beyond belief that this was written and then published, without anyone realising that the words are in extremely poor taste.
What an insult to all those families grieving for loved ones. I hope they don't see this article.
The offending phrases need to be retracted and a quick apology is needed."
Update: Judith Towend of confirms the Toynbee tweet and quotes Matt Seaton, the Comment is Free editor, saying that Polly Toynbee has apologised for the analogy via Twitter: “As many users have observed, the plane crash metaphor in the first paragraph has an unfortunate ring. Sorry Polly hasn’t been here herself, but she has twittered an apology.”

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Simple rule: make fun of plane crashes WHEN NO-ONE GETS HURT. Otherwise you're being a moron.