Friday 26 June 2009

It's all sprout now despite MoD denials

Hilarious story on HoldtheFrontPage today about how the Ministry of Defence tried to pour cold water on the Plymouth Herald's scoop that a Royal Navy captain had banned Brussels sprouts from his warship.
As the story went national there were MoD denials but the Herald got hold of a transcript of defence reporter Tristan Nichols' interview with Captain Wayne Keble, commander of HMS Bulwark, from a second source and put it on its website.
According to the transcript, Captain Keble clearly says: "The only thing I have banned on board is Brussels sprouts. They are the devil's vegetable and it is the only thing I do not like, and the only thing I hate. . .Brussels sprouts are absolutely banned on board HMS Bulwark. I do not eat them so I do not know what the after effects are."
TheMoD subsequently backed down. The Herald has dubbed the affair "Sproutgate".

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