Friday 12 June 2009

The Times: Lord Carter to quit

The Times reports today that Communications Minister Lord Carter is to leave the Government and is set for a highly lucrative return to the private sector.
Lord Carter presents his long awaited Digital Britain report next Tuesday. “I’m beavering away feverishly on my report, that’s my only preoccupation,” he told The Times. He dismissed suggestions that he had already lined up another job but failed to say whether he would still be a minister by the autumn.
Guido Fawkes is speculating that Carter could join the Tories.
Confirmed: Government said in a statement late this afternoon:"The Pime Minister appointed Stephen Carter as communications minister with the specific task of commissioning and producing the Digital Britain report and its follow-up recommendations. This was agreed at the time.
"Lord Carter will present his report to Cabinet on Tuesday before it is published later next week. He will then put in place a detailed implementation plan before the summer recess.
"We can confirm that he will step down at summer recess with the completion of his work, as originally intended and with the full agreement of the Prime Minister."

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