Thursday 11 June 2009

New Culture Secretary on local press

New Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw has made his first comments on the regional press in the House of Commons.
David Taylor MP asked if he agreed “that any relaxation of media ownership rules should be accompanied by a strengthened public interest test to ensure that in the event of media mergers, the resources devoted to journalism and news gathering are not diluted or weakened?” Bradshaw replied: “That is certainly something that we shall have to think about carefully as we address the problem of regional news and the issue of the merger and acquisitions legislation in the context of the very difficult times that some of our excellent local and regional newspapers are going through.
“Members in all parts of the House recognise and value the role played by regional and local newspapers not only in informing the public in their local areas, but in holding us and locally elected officials to account. It would be very sad to see the demise of local and regional newspapers.”
Via Newspaper Society

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