Thursday 25 June 2009

RWB:Foreign media denigrated in Iran

Press freedom campaign group Reporters Without Borders today condemned a parade of Iranian demonstrators being shown on a loop on state-run TV confessing to having protested at the behest of foreign media.
RWB says :"All demonstrators make their confessions using the same words that have opened the nightly news bulletin for the past week: 'Bismillah, al-rahman al-rahim. I admit that I demonstrated under the influence of the BBC, the radio Voice of America and other foreign media'.
"The confessions are aired at every hour of the day and night to show Iranians the extent to which those disputing the presidential election were persuaded by western agents to take part in an 'orchestrated plot' against the Islamic Republic of Iran, confirming the words of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
“These methods are aimed at denigrating foreign media, who are already facing huge obstacles to their work and whose journalists and contributors are exposed as a result to the threat of violence from supporters of the regime,” RWB said.

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John Szemerey FCIJ said...

The Iranian ayotollahs are clearly afraid of the truth. They have imprisoned over 30 local journalists and expelled many foreign media representatives to silence the truth, so prevent their own people and foreigners learning what is happening in Iran.
Now they force members of the public who took part in demonstrations to go through the charade of pretending that they were encouraged to demonstrate by the foreign media. By getting them all to repeat the same words they show that the so-called confessions are not genuine. No two people, let alone dozens, would use the same words to confess to actions. So the words were clearly put into their mouths by the mullahs' sidekicks.

The question remains: of what are these bigoted priests afraid?

If the presidential elections were genuine there would be no problem. The Iranian authorities would have nothing to hide. The fear of the ayotollahs can only have one cause: they know that the ouatgoing pesident was only re-elected by cheating. Ballotboxes were stuffed and the real votes of the public were deliberately the henchmen of the ruling ayotollahs.

Small wonder that these ayotollahs are scared of the truth getting out!