Friday 12 June 2009

Sun or Guardian: Who got the Real scoop?

The Sun and The Guardian both claim today that they got the scoop on the transfer of Man United star Christiano Ronaldo.
The Guardian's story was published on 4 April and The Sun's on May 23.
The Guardian does admit, however, that its prediction that Ronaldo would cost Real Madrid £75 million - was a little short. He signed for £80 million.
As The Guardian says today: "On Saturday 4 April, we told you how the biggest transfer story of the summer would unfold, give or take £5m."


George Dearsley said...

Quite pathetic of the Sun's sportsdesk really.

Anonymous said...

Well, either way, it wasn't the MEN.

Unknown said...

To be fair to Neil Custis, at least he stuck to his guns when every other tabloid hack was rubbishing the story.

Richardr said...

The likes of the Guardian alternate between stories saying tht the transfer will go through, and those that say it won't.


saying last month it won't happen:

last year saying it would happen then.

They then have both angles covered when they want to claim they had the story.