Monday 15 June 2009

Sales and ads down plus costs up: Eight-year-old finds out what's wrong with newspapers

Charlotte Jones (8) wrote a letter to the Guardian stating "you guys are losing it" after the kids' comic was cut from the Saturday edition.
To make up for the disappointment she was invited in to help edit today's G2 section of the paper and took the chance to find out what had happened to her comic.
In one par of a story about her day at the Guardian she sums up the woes of the newspaper industry. Charlotte writes: "I talked to Steve who works on the Family section and he explained that because sales are falling and there isn't so much advertising and the costs keep going up, the comic had just become too expensive to run. Although I can understand the reasons it is still a big shame and I really miss reading it."
Pic from G2 shows Charlotte helping edit the section

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