Tuesday, 28 April 2009

US newspaper circulations plunge

Latest ABC figures for US newspapers for the six months to the end of March show that major city titles continue to shed circulation at a record rate, Editor & Publisher reports.
According to ABC, for 395 newspapers reporting this spring, daily circulation fell 7% to 34,439,713 copies, compared with the same March period in 2008. On Sunday, for 557 newspapers, circulation was down 5.3% to 42,082,707.
Daily circulation at the Boston Globe was down 13.6% to 302,638 copies. Sunday decreased 11.2% to 466,665. New York's Daily News was down 14%, and rival New York Post fell 20%. The Star-Ledger of Newark dropped over 16%.
Daily circulation at the New York Times dropped 3.5% to 1,039,031. The Times' Sunday circulation was down 1.7% to 1,451,233.The Washington Post lost 1.6% of its daily circulation to 665,383 and 2.3% to 868,965.
One paper bucking the trend was Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal which was up 0.6% to 2,082,189.

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