Thursday, 23 April 2009

NUJ plea for sacked Ukranian journalist

The NUJ has protested about the sacking of Sergay Goos, vice-president of Ukraine’s Independent Media Workers’ Union, from his job on Kiev-based magazine Ukranian Weekly.
His sacking came after journalists on the magazine formed a chapel and asked for a collective agreement. The NUJ says union members on the title were angry about low pay and interference in editorial policy by shareholders.
In 2003-5 the British Foreign Office funded a series of seminars by NUJ activists to help the establishment of the independent media workers trade union.
David Crouch, NUJ FoC at the Financial Times, reported from Ukraine during the Orange Revolution and took part in the training sessions with the independent union.
He said: “Sergay is a brave and committed trade union leader. He fights to improve the pay and conditions of Ukrainian journalists and to safeguard the independence of the country’s media. I would urge NUJ members and other trade unionists to back the call for his reinstatement.” Protests can be emailed to Roman Tsuprik the boss of the Ukrainian Weekly magazine on .

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