Thursday, 9 April 2009

Trinity faces more strikes in Glasgow

NUJ members at the Daily Record and Sunday Mail in Scotland are to follow up tomorrow’s one-day strike over job cuts with a 48-hour stoppage next Friday and Saturday.
They are also calling for a mass picket outside their Glasgow headquarters tomorrow at 1pm.
Over 200 union members have passed a motion of no confidence in Trinity Mirror’s Scottish management.
According to the NUJ, a mass meeting in Glasgow expressed disgust about the way individuals were told they were compulsorily redundant. Union members called for the reinstatement of the 20 odd journalists selected and demanded the union pursue every way at their disposal to challenge the dismissals.
Paul Holleran, NUJ Scottish organiser, said: "We will step up industrial action, taking more strike action next week as well as pursuing all legal action possible, both collectively and on behalf of individuals."
The union has attacked the way journalists were selected for redundancy. Holleran said: "One member was told he was bottom of the list, marked on technical ability, absenteeism and discipline. He was somewhat surprised as he has just been nominated for two awards, he has only been off a handful of times in all his years at the company and had no disciplinary record."
The union will be seeking what’s called a protective award against the company as part of the legal action over the redundancies starting this week.

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