Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Snow: 'Beauty of the internet is that it's free'

Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow celebrates the internet in an interview with Jon Henley in The Guardian today.
"The whole beauty, the democratising aspect of the web, is that it's free," he says.
"I'll go every which way not to pay for content. This idea of citizen journalists taking over the world, that's crap. But what they are doing is democratising what we do, and deepening it. Look at the pictures from the G20 protests: we've collected material from 20-30 individuals, and used it and our equipment to vastly deepen it. We've been able to track an individual police officer over five hours. That's a crystal example of what can be done now. It's a delirious moment, a really exciting time."

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applied visions said...

The internet is free - till now yes but it is also controlled by governments and big companies like Google. Also is free content the problem of newspaper and magazines - who will by when there information is given for free away?!