Friday, 24 April 2009

Praise for md Steve Brown axed by Trinity

Here's something you don't see very often, journalists praising an outgoing md.
HoldtheFront page reports today that Steve Brown, who was managing director of Trinity's North East and Midlands divisions, has left the the company in a major restructure of its North-East and Midlands operations.
HTFP, part owned by Trinity, says it is understood that he will not be replaced. Instead four senior managers who previously reported to him are now reporting directly to Trinity Mirror regionals md Georgina Harvey. They are centre mds John Griffith (Birmingham), Debbie Davies (Coventry), Bob Cuffe (Teesside)and Newcastle commercial director David Simms.
Brown was involved in therestructuring of Trinity's operations in the West Midlands and the North-East which led to the loss of more than 90 journalists' jobs.
But postings on the HTFP story are favourable to him.
tynesider posted: Steve will genuinely be missed in the North-east and probably elsewhere. Tough, maybe, but one of the good guys who treated everyone with respect
A Newcastle journalist: Not many journalists can say they'll miss their md. But we all will. Steve brought in the money for the company but he genuinely cared about the staff.
HTFP editor Paul Linford: Writing as an ex-Journal man rather than as HTFP editor, I would agree with the above sentiments. Steve had to do some difficult things over the past year, but he was one of the good guys.
HTFP notes that "Trinity Mirror is making no public comment on the changes".

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Anonymous said...

Steve Brown's axing is shocking. He came to the midlands when we were at the lowest following a failed sell-off and calmed us, encouraged us. Yes, he had to make dificult decisions, but he coped with running it and newcastle with great style and we had great respect for him. he constantly went around all departments and got to know every one. sort of leadershp we relly needed.
The recession is toughl, but many of us staff felt we had a chance with someone like Stevein charge, our own managers looked brighter.
Is his replacement the desperate act of the board to keep its own jobs? If so, surely they have bitten off more than they could chew.
While they're trying not to show it, the axeing has rocked senior execs herein Fort Dunlop. God knows how those in newcastle are feeling ( he'd been their boss for since 2000)).
Steve B himself will land a job so easily. But will the North East and we Midlanders now suffer ? we've been told the new boss is theGeorgina in your story but weve not even met her yet?
The rumour is that the unions in newcatle have voted for confidence in the axing. Were going to ask our colleagues in editorial here what they plan.