Thursday, 16 April 2009

NUJ view of deal with MEN Media

This is the NUJ's take on the agreement announced yesterday over MEN Media's restructure which involves 70 editorial redundancies and the closure of weekly newspaper offices throughout Greater Manchester.
The NUJ said on its website: "A deal over redundancies at Guardian Media in Manchester will mean pay rises for weekly-paper journalists moving into the group’s city centre office. Eight jobs previously earmarked for the chop have also been saved.
"Management still want to make 11 journalists on the Manchester Evening News compulsorily redundant. However they have agreed to extend the period for volunteers to come forward until the autumn."
It quotes Bethan Dorsett, Mother of the Greater Manchester Weekly Newspapers South NUJ chapel, saying: “Our members have fought long and hard against the sweeping cuts proposed by MEN Media Ltd. While we deplore any job losses particularly as a result of compulsory redundancy, we are pleased that management have finally listened to our concerns.
“By making a stand, we have been able to save eight jobs and have made a significant step towards obtaining equal pay for staff working for weekly titles. The onus is now on our managers to enter into meaningful talks with the NUJ over the new house agreement.”
A new pay band in the agreement will mean rises of up to £2,000 for some weekly journalists, the NUJ said.
Manchester NUJ branch has pledged to continue with its campaign to support local journalism in towns where Guardian Media has closed offices.

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