Wednesday, 8 April 2009

NUJ tells Newsquest furloughs won't work in UK because journalists are too poorly paid

The NUJ has told Newsquest that the proposal to follow the lead of US parent company Gannett and get staff to take furloughs, unpaid leave, won't work in the UK because it is "unaffordable" for low paid journalists.
NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear says on his blog today: "It's clear the major publishers simply have no answer but to make journalists pay for the crisis they have created through their greed and failure.
"Gannett, parent company of Newsquest, whilst dishing out $2m in bonuses to executives asked staff in the US to work unpaid for a week last month as a one-off. Now they have come back demanding the same this month, next month and the month after.
"Here Newsquest have asked staff to follow suit. We've written to them saying we believe such a solution is unaffordable for low paid journalists - but have offered a dialogue about ways we can work with the company to tackle its debt and financial problems. The response. Nothing. Same is true of Trinity Mirror. Only a foolish government would hand money to these modern-day robber barons."
Newsquest furloughs in footseps of US parent

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