Tuesday 9 August 2011

Cameron Crowe's worst starts to star interviews

Rolling Stone journalist turned film director Cameron Crowe once compiled a brilliant list of the least promising interview openers he had ever encountered, which was included in the first Book of Rock Lists.

I was reminded of the list by a reference to it by Mark Ellen in his editor's column in The Word. Glad to find an updated version of the book has been published, The New Book of Rock Lists, which includes Crowe's full list:

1. “This gun is loaded.” – Buddy Miles

2. “Let’s do it in the bar.” – Stephen Stills

3. “Hold on, aren’t you the one who called me the Liberace of Rock?” – Elton John

4. “You’re too young to grasp my complete musical scope.” – Steve Miller

5. “I changed my mind.” – Pete Townshend

6. “We don’t believe in tape recorders.” – ZZ Top

7. “Is there any way you can write nice things about me without talking to me per se?” – Richard Dreyfuss

8. “There’s nobody here except a few ghosts and I don’t care. Let’s rap.” – Bob Weir

9. “I think I just saw a body drop right outside that window. Did you just see a body drop? Let’s go outside and see. I know I saw a body drop.” – David Bowie

The Book of Rock Lists by Dave Marsh/James Bernard is published by Fireside/Simon & Schuster and is available on Amazon.


Martin McNamara said...

"You English? The English invented slavery." - Ice-T, rapper

Jon Slattery said...

Dear Martin,

Was that said to you when you were a showbiz reporter?

You're an Irishman...from Battersea.

Martin Mc said...

I don't think that subtle difference would have made any impression on him Jon. Any more than suggesting he read to a book on the origins of slavery.