Monday 8 August 2011

Unemployed journalist: Downwardly but not out

Here's a voice we don't hear enough of - a blog by an unemployed journalist.

Unemployedhack is the tale of a "downwardly mobile journalist" who has worked on national and regional tabloids.

This is how they introduce themselves:

"I used to be a tabloid hack. I’ve knocked on the doors of the bereaved, had doors slammed in my face, been chased by dogs up driveways. I’ve blagged my way into hotels to chase celebs, asked footballers who they are “intimate” with and attended strip shows all in the name of journalism.

"As the nation turns on the “dark” activities of tabloid journalism I can’t share your moral outrage. I could point out that the police hack the phones of political activists all the time, and they do, but really I miss the camaraderie, the gang mentality that comes from being as hated as estate agents.

"I’ve been unemployed for three months now. I’ve previously been a reporter, a feature writer, a travel writer, a critic. I’ve even designed pages. I’ve also been a lecturer. Oh, and a bingo operative but that was a long time ago.

"I’ve applied for many jobs and attended as many interviews. I’ve travelled the length of the country seeking employment and, following the rejection, have wasted afternoons watching magpies attack each other over food I have strategically placed to create such friction.

"As I watch yet another CSI I can remember the glitzy parties I attended, the free travel abroad staying in the poshest hotels, interviewing the quirky and annoying the powerful. I wonder if my memories keep me sane or are the reason I fantasise about killing my noisy neighbour, who I suspect is a prostitute.

"Here I will share my memories of life as a tabloid hack and the day-to-day existence of attending Jobseekers’ Gym (where one walks everywhere) and the benefits of Dieting on the Dole (chick pea curry recipes)."

Highly recommended.

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