Tuesday 16 August 2011

Riots dominate news ahead of financial crises

The undisputed lead story for the UK media in the week ending Sunday, August 14 was the rioting across England, followed by new Premier League football season, US and Eurozone debt crises and the fighting in Syria, according to journalisted.

The riots and their aftermath, starting in Tottenham and spreading across London before hitting Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Gloucester, Leicester, Wolverhampton and elsewhere, generated 2,097 articles; in football, the Premier League season kicked off, 1,236 articles; international debt crises continued, in the US, 723 articles; and in the Eurozone, 487 articles; protests and fighting in Syria, 160 articles; the race for the Republican nomination for the US presidential election gathers pace, 81 articles.

Covered little, according to journalisted, was the new Tibetan Prime Minister sworn in, 9 articles; an investigation by BBC Panorama exposing an alleged Zimbabwean torture camp, 2 articles; Brazil's deputy tourism minister arrested, the third senior official caught up in corruption allegations since President Rousseff took office in January, 2 articles.

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