Monday 15 August 2011

The Lady: Celia Walden on phone hacking 'a lot of journalists I know have first-hand experience'

Celia Walden, the journalist, author and wife of Piers Morgan, has given her thoughts on phone hacking in the latest issue of The Lady magazine.

"I thought people got so pompous about it," she tells The Lady's Sanderson Jones in an interview about her new book Babysitting George on minding football legend George Best when she worked for the Mail on Sunday and he was one of the paper's star columnists.

"A lot of journalists I know have had first-hand experience of it," she adds.

Jones writes: "At this point a better hack would have bombarded her with questions about whether one of those 'journalists' was, in fact, her husband Mr. Morgan - but she gets in there first.

" 'Have you any [had any first-hand experience of it]?' she asks.

"I have to inform her that personally, I haven't and at The Lady, hacking is not the way we do things."

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What a horrific car crash of a cover! Far too busy, with too many coverlines it's just a mess. Yuk!