Thursday 18 August 2011

NUJ condemns Newsquest job cuts in North West

The NUJ has condemned Newsquest plans to axe journalists' jobs in the North West of England, where the company has offices in Warrington, Sale and Northwich.

According to the NUJ, the proposals involve plans to cut 3 sub editors out of 12; one in three reporters in the three offices affected and one in six photographers.

Chris Morley, NUJ Northern and Midlands organiser, said: “The announcement today has stunned our members in Warrington, Sale and Northwich as it came unheralded. It is highly regrettable that the company did not seek to engage with our chapel well ahead in a bid to find other, less damaging ways forward."


Timgo said...

Northwhich, Warrington ... home towns of the two young men jailed for 4 years this week for their ill-judged Facebook messages. Fewer journalists then to report any unrest that does arise there.

This follows the revelation that in the areas of the first and worst of last week's unrest - Tottenham, Enfield, Edmonton - there is just one newspaper office, in Enfield, following Newsquest and Tindle hubbing production and closing local offices, and laying off staff to the extent that they couldn't put reporters on the streets, and that staff on the Tottenham Advertiser were reported to be ashamed of the paper they had to produce.

It's almost as if the owners actively want to prevent these momentous local events being properly reported to their communities. ... ..

Jon Slattery said...

Dear Timgo,

I think we were at the same meeting where there was criticism that the press had not interviewed the rioters at any length to try and find out what caused the trouble.

This is a vital job the local press can do if it is close to its community but you need plenty of reporters on the ground.

Thousands of local journalists have lost their jobs over the last four years, seen their offices closed and central production brought in.

The journalists in Enfield went on strike to highlight staff shortages and journalists in South Yorkshire are on indefinite strike over job cuts.

I think it will be a tragedy for this country if the local press is allowed to wither and die.

Thanks for your comment.