Thursday 25 August 2011

Mirror accuses Guardian over sexist 'big jugs' ad

The Mirror accuses the Guardian of hypocrisy today for carrying a "sexist ad" for Ryanair which had the tagline "See The Frauleins With The Big Jugs" over an offer for cheap flights to Bavaria and a picture of a busty blonde.

Just so readers get the message, the Mirror carries the strapline "HYPOCRISY" in red letters above its story which claims "the ailing paper was besieged with calls from its right-on readership over the extraordinary sexist ad" which was published yesterday.

It adds: "Even their own staff were up in arms, some phoning in from their rustic Tuscan holidays to complain."

The story quotes one alleged member of the Guardian staff stating: "I nearly choked on my gluten-free organic muesli when I saw it.

"We are the keepers of the nation's morals and we let the nation down."

The Mirror story also takes a swipe at the Guardian over the investigation into a police officer accused of leaking info about the phone hacking scandal to the paper.

It claims: "The paper is already under pressure after exploiting a detective to get illicit information on the phone hacking scandal. and a staffer boasted how he got a thrill out of phone hacking."

The Mirror says the "shamed" Guardian faces a probe by the Advertising Standards Association, although an ASA spokesman merely says: 'The complaints have literally just come in so we have yet to assess the ad'."

Bemused readers must be left wondering why the Mirror is in such a strop with the Guardian. It can't be anything to do with phone hacking can it? Or maybe they just don't like the "Newspaper of the Year".


George Dearsley said...

The words "clutching" and "straws" spring to mind. Along with "sour" and "grapes".

Anonymous said...

...or maybe they get fed up with The Guardian's constant campaign to throw stones at other newspapers, when it's far from clean itself?

I'm sure if your business/livelihood was being called into question by such a right-on rival as this, you'd also be very keen to see it knocked off its perch

The Guardian has (finally) decided to delve into this world of investigative journalism - something it hasn't really bothered itself with on too many occasions before.

and the result? It printed a false story about Gordon Brown being hacked, before hiding the apology somewhere in the middle of the paper.

Then it transpired they, too, were using illegal police payments/information.

It seems the Guardian is just a tabloid after all, eh? But the people who use their Guardian subscription as a signal of how clever and liberal they are, obviously won't mind too much about that...

Anonymous said...

I think it's high time everyone stopped taking notice of anything "news"papers have to say. I don't buy them and this trash reminds me why.

Anonymous said...

what r frauleins

Anonymous said...

what r frauleins