Thursday, 8 July 2010

Independent readers bite back at Julie Burchill

Julie Burchill yesterday launched her new column in the Independent with a message to readers in which she said they might have to "agree to disagree" on issues such as Israel, Iraq and Islamism. Today on the Indy's letters page they've answered back:

I have in the past abandoned both The Times and The Guardian in order to get away from Julie Burchill. Now I learn that she has moved to The Independent. Is it impossible to escape from this woman? Must she pursue me wherever I go? Until now, The Independent was a relative oasis of reason. Please may we have our old newspaper back?

Nigel Scott, London N22

Goodness, isn't Ms Burchill a one! And such a refreshing change. It seems an age since we last heard such eloquent and incisive prose grappling with the red-hot issues of the day and stripping away the lies and official obfuscation. I fear she is going to become a drug I can't get enough of. Death to the buzz-killers who can't grow up and deal with it!

James Vickers, Redcar, Cleveland

I know we were warned, but a whole page of Julie Burchill? Perhaps if you gave her less space she might not have to resort to capitals when talking about CONDITIONER?

Perin Parri-Hughes, Hampton, Middlesex

As a subscriber, I daily receive the first edition of The Independent (delivered any time from 4am – bravo!). So I am used to seeing the odd sub-editorial glitch, which is no doubt eliminated from later versions. But your insertion of a whole page from a rival paper, presumably a red-top, is a step too far. I trust the appropriate heads will roll?

John Bone, London SW6

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