Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Burchill's back with message for Indy readers

Julie Burchill starts her new column in the Independent today with a message for the readers: "Though you and I probably will have to agree to disagree on some issues (Israel, Iraq, Islamism), I really hope that you will give me a hearing. I know I've said some brash, rash and reckless things over the years, but then I've been a hack since I was 17 and I'm 51 now, so it would be a wonder if I hadn't. Hopefully, with your indulgence, I can grow up a bit while I'm here. Failing that, I hope we can at least have a bit of fun. And if you're not up for it – tough! I'm here and I'm staying. Deal with it!"
  • Burchill's new column has a joke against herself when she dismisses claims by singer Lily Allen and actress Angelina Jolie that they are giving up their careers to have children or look after them. She says: "Trust me – they're both lying. Anyone who is attention-seeking and self-adoring enough to "announce" their retirement even once, let alone as often as they change their shoes – as this pretty pair do – is by their very nature incapable of voluntarily giving up the spotlight... no matter how much they bang on about it being more important to have children, look after children or, ahem, study theology..." In 2007 Burchill announced that she was retiring from journalism to study theology.

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