Sunday, 7 June 2009

Will Lewis to return to Murdoch and Wapping?

This will put the cat among the pigeons at the Telegraph.
Observer media columnist Peter Preston is suggesting today that Rupert Murdoch should snatch back Will Lewis, triumphant after the sensational MPs' expenses scoop, to run his UK papers. He notes Lewis nabbed the MPs' exclusive while The Times and Sun passed.
Preston says: "It's no outlandish thought. Lewis was business editor at the Sunday Times for three years and Rupert knows him well (and has praised him publicly). He is still only 40, ambitious and nobody's idea of a Telegraph gold watch collector. He was tipped as a possible Wall Street Journal managing editor before Robert Thomson moved in. And his expertise in digital integration is a strong bonus point, too, in a Wapping where non-integration (including the Sunday Times doing its own charging thing) often seems to be the wambly order of the day."

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