Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Clive James on the web: 'Some brilliant young people aren't going to eat very well'

Clive James is quizzed about his website CliveJames.com in the latest copy of Word magazine. He is asked: "Assuming this is the future, how do you think someone like you will get paid?"
James replies: "Well the answer is, I think you don't. There are going to be some brilliant young people who aren't going to eat very well. But the same question is facing the whole of the printed media."
In the interview (which is not online), James adds: "The papers are the ones that are in trouble - the things I want from the papers will go into the magazines. How much of the paper do I read? How much of the paper do you read? You might make two or three stops through the whole paper, and whole sections get thrown away, right? So the question of 'why should newspapers survive?' starts to pop up."
James also highlights an area where he believes the web fails. "There are things the web can't do. It's very bad at people collaborating together to produce a rich result; it's much better at individuality."

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