Friday, 20 March 2009

Trevor Kavanagh, Ally Ross and Agony Aunt Deidre will join Jon Gaunt on Sun Talk

Sun journalists, including political commentator Trevor Kavanagh, TV critic Ally Ross, Agony Aunt Deidre, motoring editor Ken Gibson plus Ian McGarry on sport are joining Jon Gaunt on the Sun's new online radio station Sun Talk, which launches on April 20.
As revealed yesterday, Gaunt will be doing a live daily show from 10 am to 1pm from Monday to Friday and his first guest will be Tory leader David Cameron.
It will be a return to live radio for Gaunt followng his sacking from talkSPORT for calling a councillor "a Nazi".
In his Sun column today, Gaunt says: "I've had loads of offers since my untimely exit from that other station but I have held out for this one as the thought of translating Britain's greatest newspaper into great radio is a challenge I just couldn't resist."

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fleetfox said...

This should be an excellent antidote to the increasingly left wing Talksport. Any chance of bringing on board the broadcasting genius that is James Whale?