Friday, 6 March 2009

Quotes (and an online headline) of the Week:

MP Denis MacShane: "We all have problems with journalists but whereas it is possible to have politicians without democracy, I do not believe that it is possible to have democracy without independent journalism, and print media are essential: digital media could never replace them."

Lord Mandelson on state subsidies for the local press: "I don't think that government subsidies are the right way forward. But where we can help in maintaining public sector advertising and applying cross media competition rules, we should certainly consider doing so."

Roger Parry, chairman of Johnston Press: "Much, but not all, of local news gathering, feature production and photography are better done by enthusiastic amateurs for next to nothing. Want a critique of local rubbish collection policies? Ask a local resident for 500 words. It matters to them and they are more connected than a journalist sent over in a taxi."

Sly Bailey on the local press, in Sky interview with Jeff Randall: "Now, this [local press] is not cat-up-a-tree journalism. What we are talking about is who turns up at the lower courts every morning, who is it that's holding councils to account, where is that planning application being properly debated?
"Local newspapers - and we absolutely believe in them."

Online headline of the week, from Milne Media blog: "Trinity Mirror: Shares Dropping Faster Than A Hooker's Knickers".

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