Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Lord Chancellor Straw declares: 'FoI has improved the quality of governance'

Lord Chancellor Jack Straw tonight gave his full backing to the Freedom of Information Act and promised that more press access to family courts will come soon. Straw, speaking at a reception for the Journalists' Charity at the Irish Embassy in London, said FoI had "not only opened up the workings of governance but improved the quality of governance".
Straw added that the Government would "announce shortly" changes to bring greater openness in the family courts.
He also poked fun at the high salaries paid to BBC executives but said he realised that newspapers were facing very difficult economic conditions. He said of regional journalists: "They are not paid very much for a difficult and insecure job." A sign of the times when a politician can see regional journalism as an "insecure" profession.

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