Thursday, 20 November 2008

Now MPs tell Trinity 'scrap pay freeze'

The NUJ's Parliamentary Group of MPs has urged Trinity Mirror to scrap its staff pay freeze.
Austin Mitchell MP, chair of the group, said: ‘The answer to bad trading conditions isn't to reduce the quality of newspapers by firing journalists or cutting pay. Trinity Mirror has already axed 1,200 jobs. Enough is enough. Stop the rot and boost the quality. Don't attack the journalists."
Jeremy Corbyn MP, a member of the group, added: "Journalists at their best are the unsung heroes of democracy. Properly paid and effective local journalists are the life blood of local democracy and information provision." The Corbyn "democracy" argument might have some sway with MPs who are already concerned about the demise of ITV regional news and know the collapse of the regional and local press would give them much reduced media contact with the electorate. Maybe Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger's idea that there may have to be state subsidies for regional newspaper will win some support among MPs.

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