Monday, 24 November 2008

More like 'Hold The Front Rage'

Wow! Some of the posted comments by regional journalists on Hold The Front Page take a very cynical view of what will happen now their employers have defeated the BBC's plans to expand local websites. Not surprisingly, there is anger at the spate of job cuts. Here are a sample:
Shuttleboy: "I am now really looking forward to seeing the newspaper groups invest in lots of new online journalists jobs. They will do won't they? They won't simply rest on their laurels and continue cutting back on editorial money to protect their bottom line will they? We haven't just seen 300-plus new journalists jobs blown away for nothing have we?"
Simon:"The newspaper lobby's argument has been that this would stifle their own online innovation and investment. The proof of the pudding will now be in the eating. If we still see jobs going, budgets slashed and weak, half hearted stabs at online coverage then that argument will be revealed as being nothing but profit driven humbug."
Douglas:" It's a victory for newspaper owners who want to keep their papers going, but problematic for journalists who will still potentially find themselves out of a job."
RichardB:"I'm really glad Trinity Mirror boss Sly Bailey will now be able to practice what she preaches and "continue to invest" in the regional press. Her recent decision to close 44 local titles, axe 1,200 jobs and freeze every one's pay rise next year is simply inspired - the epitome of investment. Serious competition from someone like the BBC is the strategically aimed boot this industry needs. Newspaper bosses' opposition has nothing to do with quality and everything to do with share prices, personal bonuses and utter greed."
hacked off :"It's a shame. Some healthy competition would have forced newspaper companies to properly invest in video and other online coverage. As it is, they'll continue cutting staff and expecting their dwindling news teams to somehow deliver hours of video."
Des:"This could be a Pyrrhic victory for the regional press, they'll now spend valuable resources spending money on websites which one man and his dog will view."

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