Saturday, 22 November 2008

Charles Moore stands by pledge not to pay TV licence fee while BBC employs Jonathan Ross

Daily Telegraph columnist and former editor Charles Moore today repeated his pledge, made three weeks ago, that he will refuse to renew his television licence while Jonathan Ross remains employed by the BBC.
Moore, writing in the Telegraph 'The BBC Was Too Scared To Sack Ross' , says he will donate the £139.50 cost of renewing his licence to Help the Aged. He notes that £139.50 represents just ".002325 per cent of Ross's BBC salary". Fellow Telegraph columnist Simon Heffer backs Moore's campaign but confesses he won't be joining him in jail. "The BBC Trust clearly does not grasp the level of public anger, whatever it may say. I don't blame Charles Moore for leading the campaign to withhold the licence fee in response to this social atrocity. Were it not that I think Radio 3 alone is worth the fee, I should happily share a cell with him," Heffer says in the Telegraph today.

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