Friday, 28 November 2008

Gaunty 'humbled' by Shami

Sacked shock-jock Jon Gaunt admits in his Sun column today to being humbled by the support he has received from Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti over his firing from talkSPORT radio for calling a councillor a 'Nazi'. Chakrabarti has written to Gaunt's bosses defending his right to freedom of speech and calling for his reinstatement, even though the right-wing pundit has dubbed her the "most dangerous woman in Britain". Gaunt reveals today that he was put in touch with the Liberty director by another of his supporters, ex-SAS author Andy McNab. Gaunt admits he thought it was a "wind-up" by McNab. He is also taking some stick. One friend (Kelvin MacKenzie?) told him:"Gaunty, all these Lefties backing you . . . it’s political correctness gone mad.”

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